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Suave Ashwagandha Gummies - 3 Month Supply

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Suave Ashwagandha Gummies - 3 Pack

Buy the revolutionary natural stress reliever, in delicious, berry-flavored, Gummy bear form now!

Who said healthy had to taste bad?!

Benefit from the best natural stress relief available, with just 2 Gummies of Suave Ashwagandha a day. Due to its combination of Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, and Black Pepper Extract, you can make every day your best!

Plus at just 15 calories a serving who can blame you if you decide to eat a few more as a snack?!

✔️Helps the body manage stress

✔️Boosts brain function

✔️Helps to reduce junk food cravings

✔️Improve sleep efficiency 

✔️5% Of all profits donated to Mind Mental Health Foundation


Please contact us, or talk to a doctor if you have any allergens before purchasing our products.


    60 Gummies per bottle.


    Store in a cool dark place.

    Recommended use:

    Consume 2 gummies once or twice a day alongside a balanced diet.


    Vegan and Gluten-Free certified by UK trusted Labs.


    2 gummies 15kcal per serving.

    800mg Pure Ashwagandha extract, 80mg L- Theanine, 160mg Rhodiola, 4mg Black Pepper per serving.


    Malt Syrup, Water, Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavours, Carnauba Wax, 800mg Pure Ashwagandha extract, 80mg L- Theanine, 160mg Rhodiola, 4mg Black Pepper per serving.


    If you are pregnant and/or nursing please consult a physician and/or herbalist before using.

    This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.

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